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Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m


部门 电话 电子邮件 位置
Academic Affairs 570-945-8316 academicaffairs@cherionthecake.net 镰状大厅
招生 570-945-8111
admissions@cherionthecake.net Sabiston Hall
成人 & Online Learning (KCVC) 570-945-8380 online@cherionthecake.net 沃德大厅, 2nd Floor
校友 Relations 570-945-8483
alumnirelations@cherionthecake.net Sisson大厅
体育运动 部门 570-945-8231 athletics@cherionthecake.net Gambal Athletic Center
书店 859-209-6958 电子邮件  
业务 & Finance Office 570-945-8513 businessoffice@cherionthecake.net 沃德大厅, 3rd floor
校园 Safety 570-945-8997
紧急情况: 570-945-8989
campussafety@cherionthecake.net Hollinshead, 1st floor
Career Development  570-945-8337 careers@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center, 2号楼
Chamberlin Center for Student Life 570-945-8400 studentlife@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center, 2号楼
—–校园 Ministry 570-945-8253 campusministry@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center, 2号楼
—–Civic Engagement & Service Learning 570-945-8253 studentactivities@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center, 2号楼
—–Commuter Living 570-945-8400 commuterliving@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center, 2号楼
—–Counseling and Well-Being Center
幸福: wellbeing@cherionthecake.net
Counseling and Well-Being Center
Tewksbury Hall, 1st floor
—–Diversity on 校园
570-945-8253 diversityservices@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center, 2nd Floor
—–Intramural Sports & 娱乐 570-945-8253 泰勒.cercone@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center, 2号楼
—–Residence Life 570-945-8271 residencelife@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center, 2号楼
—–Student Activities & 领导 570-945-8253 studentactivities@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center, 2号楼
—–Student Conduct 570-945-8773 studentconduct@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center, 2号楼
Children’s Center 570-945-8260 childrencenter@cherionthecake.net Children’s Center
College Communications 570-945-8158 publicrelations@cherionthecake.net 校友大厅, 2号楼
Countryside Conservancy 570-945-6995 cconserv@epix.网 怀俄明厅
Financial Assistance & Planning (Student Central) 1-800-824-2764
studentcentral@cherionthecake.net Student Central 沃德大厅, 1st Floor
Honors Program 570-945-8252 honors@cherionthecake.net  
Human Resources 570-945-8371 humanresources@cherionthecake.net 沃德大厅,3rd floor
Institutional Advancement 570-945-8174 development@cherionthecake.net Sisson大厅
Institutional Review Board 570-945-8490 reviewboard@cherionthecake.net  
International Student Services 570-945-8252 internationalservices@cherionthecake.net 镰状大厅
Juvenile Justice Institute 570-945-8496 jjustice@cherionthecake.net 哈里斯大厅
KCEEI – Keystone College Environmental Institute 570-945-8621 kceei@cherionthecake.net Jennings Hall
Keystone College Press 570-945-8600 kcpress@cherionthecake.net 镰状大厅
Keystone Fitness Center 570-430-7475 keystonefitnesscenter@gmail.com Keystone Commons 
Miller 图书馆 570-945-8335 library@cherionthecake.net  
—–Tutoring and Writing Center 570-945-8335 tutoring@cherionthecake.net Tutoring Center,
Miller 图书馆, main floor
Performance Music 570-945-8599 music@cherionthecake.net Theatre in Brooks
邮局 570-945-8383 postoffice@cherionthecake.net 沃德大厅, Lower Level
President’s Office 570-945-8502 希瑟.dadey@cherionthecake.net 沃德大厅
Professional Development Institute 约翰P. Gorel, Director, 成人 & Online Learning
pdi@cherionthecake.net 沃德大厅
Regional 3-D Center 570-945-8466 kc3d@cherionthecake.net Theatre in Brooks
注册商 570-945-8300 registrar@cherionthecake.net Student Central
沃德大厅, Main floor
Schools and Programs 570-945-8461 邦妮.richards@cherionthecake.net 镰状大厅
Special Events 570-945-8161 events@cherionthecake.net  
—–College Green Eatery and 市场 570-945-8009   Keystone Commons
—–餐厅 Services 570-945-5300 diningservices@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center, 1st floor
—–Facilities Services   Submit facilities work order. 帕特里克•霍尔
—–Steak n Shake 570-945-8909   Keystone Commons
Student Central / Student Accounts 570-945-8300 studentcentral@cherionthecake.net 沃德大厅, Main floor
Student Success Center 570-945-8980 success@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center, 2号楼
—–101年法案 570-945-8988 act101@cherionthecake.net Student Success Center
—–Advising Services 570-945-8980 advising@cherionthecake.net Student Success Center
—–Disability Services 570-945-8988 ods@cherionthecake.net Student Success Center
—–Test Proctoring 570-945-8980 proctoring@cherionthecake.net Student Success Center
Study Abroad 570-945-8252 internationalservices@cherionthecake.net Center for International Studies, 镰状大厅
Technology Services 570-945-8778 helpdesk@cherionthecake.net 科技的角落
Hibbard 校园 Center,
托马斯·G. Cupillari Observatory 570-945-8402 observatory@cherionthecake.net Route 107 and Hack Road in Fleetville, PA
Veteran Services 570-945-8400 veteranservices@cherionthecake.net  校友大厅
WKCV-LP 103.5广播 570-945-8457 格雷戈里.palaskas@cherionthecake.net Hibbard 校园 Center